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VILLA 16, street 17A

thursday 24 FEBRUARY 2022


Dress Code: ethnic/formal 

Please dress comfortably as there will be floor seating 

Qawwali,  is an energetic performance of Sufi Muslim poetry, which aims to lead listeners into a spiritual union with God. Qawwali emerged in what is now India and Pakistan in the 13th century, and is performed by a group of eight or nine musicians with harmoniums, tabla, dhol, and other percussive instruments. The songs use the Ghazal form of Islamic poetry as well as various hymns, to praise Muslim teachers, saints, or God (Allah), however, the majority of the repertoire addresses spiritual love in terms of worldly love and intoxication. 


A typical Qawwali concert will last several hours, with each piece lasting an indeterminate time as the qawwals respond to audience reception; the music is never static and is focused on bringing the listeners into communion with the divine.

It is customary to give a token to the Qawwals in recognition of their performance (AED 10-50), and it is considered inappropriate to clap

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